We work along side the Developer as a Design Controls Consultant within the City of Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Let our organized and knowledgeable staff help you by dealing with the onslaught of house plans that come along with developing a subdivision.

Although, we are more known as a surveying company, we have been providing our services as a Design Controls Consultant since 2008.


We will review all house and plot plans in accordance to the design controls laid out by the developer and applicable specifications with the city.

  • Review house plans to ensure they conform to the developers guidelines. Items such as exterior colours, minimum square footages, varying textures.
  • Review plot plans to ensure they follow city specifications, such as lot setbacks.
  • Review plot plans to ensure grading matches provided building grade plans for the subdivision.
  • Stamp and sign approved plans.
  • Review any changes applicants may bring forward after the initial review.
  • Review the completed dwelling to ensure building was done as approved.
  • Provide created forms for all steps of the process.