Services we offer:

Topographic/Site Surveys

Providing an efficient and comprehensive data collection process through various industry recognized methods, you data set can be deliver in a format that fulfills your needs.  Everything from raw data points to detailed existing conditions drawings.

  • Topographic and feature acquisition of irrigation canals
  • Preliminary site surveys for consultant design use
  • Site survey for construction

Municipal Engineering Surveys

Our clients include The City of Lethbridge, developers, various consultants and contractors.  Work on the jobs below includes preliminary design surveys, site grading, underground and surface works layout as well as final asbuilts, quantity calculation and irrigation record drawings.

Construction Layout

Working collaboratively with general contractors, private parties and government entities, our team interprets, plans and sets out design features that get our world built.  Simple or complex, our team proactively works to bring each project to completion, from field to finish.

  • Subdivisions
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Major Infrastructure

Quantity Calculations

Whenever there’s a need to excavate, stockpile and move material there’s often a need to quantify what has been moved or stored.  Mike Spencer Geometrics Ltd. quickly and efficiently collects the relevant data from each site (field survey, consultant design plans (construction plans) and other resources to calculate the measurements each project require.  All presented in an easily understood summary document, complete with a sample drawing.

  • Sand and salt stockpiles
  • Gravel stockpiles
  • Mineral stockpiles
  • Waste intake volumes

Small Project Design

Looking for a commercial site development plan, rail siding or feedlot?  Have you own unique project vision?  Our team, complete with civil engineering partners can put together a cost effective, complete civil site servicing package for you.

  • Commercial site design
  • Industrial rail sidings
  • Feedlots
  • Dugouts

3D Grade Control/Concrete Extruder Model Creation

We have a proven track record with creation of 3D grading models for both Trimble and Topcon grade control systems.  Our experience team will also ensure that each project design model has been rigorously reviewed for quality control, accuracy and potential constructability issues.  In addition o t 3D modelling, our team will also provide accurate control for grade control equipment calibration.

  • Curbing models
  • 3D grade modeling

Monitoring Surveys

Sometimes there exists a need to monitor the rate of change on an installed infrastructure and building structures.  Let our experienced team work with your projects specific needs and determine a method and time interval that satisfies you project requirements.

  • Infrastructure monitoring (buildings, bridges, roads, etc)
  • Residential and industrial monitoring (homes, foundations, walls, etc)

Scanning / BIM Modelling

With an emerging trend to capture more and more data, Mike Spencer Geometric has kept pace and is now offering a scanning service.  Working with each project’s unique needs, our team will provide a comprehensive data set (point cloud) for use within a variety of software environments.

Design Controls Consultant

We work along side the Developer as a Design Controls Consultant within the City of Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Let our organized and knowledgeable staff help you by dealing with the onslaught of house plans that come along with developing a subdivision. Although, we are more known as a surveying company, we have been providing our services as a Design Controls Consultant since 2008.


We will review all house and plot plans in accordance to the design controls laid out by the developer and applicable specifications with the city.


  • Review house plans to ensure they conform to the developers guidelines. Items such as exterior colours, minimum square footages, varying textures.
  • Review plot plans to ensure they follow city specifications, such as lot setbacks.
  • Review plot plans to ensure grading matches provided building grade plans for the subdivision.
  • Stamp and sign approved plans.
  • Review any changes applicants may bring forward after the initial review.
  • Review the completed dwelling to ensure building was done as approved.
  • Provide created forms for all steps of the process.