Our Team

Management Team

Mike Spencer – Director                                                              m.spencer@mikesgeo.ca

Surveying Technology Diploma (S.A.I.T)                                                               Certified Survey Technologist (ASSMT)

Alan Bartz – Field Coordinator                                                                 a.bartz@mikesgeo.ca

Mining Engineering Technology Diploma (N.A.I.T.)                                                  Certified Survey Technologist (ASSMT)

Chris Ross – Data Mgr. /GPS Support                                               c.ross@mikesgeo.ca

B.Sc. – Geography (University of Lethbridge)                                                         Certified Survey Technologist (ASSMT)

Field Staff
James Yearous – Survey Crew Chief/Safety Coordinator    j.yearous@mikesgeo.ca

B.S.C.—Geography (University of Lethbridge)                                                             Certified Survey Technologist (A.S.S.M.T.)

Rudy Granson – Survey Crew Chief                                                      r.granson@mikesgeo.ca

Certified Survey Technologist (A.S.S.M.T.)

Scott Geddes – Survey Crew Chief                                                       s.geddes@mikesgeo.ca

Geomatics Engineering Diploma (Lethbridge College)

Zak Elliot – Survey Assistant                                                          z.elliot@mikesgeo.ca
Kellen Spencer – Survey Assistant                                                                           k.spencer@mikesgeo.ca


Office Staff
Tony Van den Berg – Draftsperson/Survey Assistant                                               t.vandenberg@mikesgeo.ca

Geomatics Engineering Diploma (Lethbridge College)

Christine Thompson – Office Coordinator/Bookkeeper        c.thompson@mikesgeo.ca

Business Administration Diploma                                                                       Secretarial Science Certificate                                                                              (Lethbridge College)